Adult man and medical provider


We want to assure you that our primary concern is maintaining patient health and safety during these unusual and uncertain times. We have developed the following course action on behalf of our patients:

Borealis Heart Specialists follows the State of Alaska COVID-19 Health Mandates.


Patients are screened prior to coming into the office to ensure they are not arriving within 14 days of travel or after possible exposure. Any patient who has traveled out of Alaska within the past 14 days will be seen via telemedicine appointment. These patients will be allowed to schedule an in-person appointment after completion of the 14-day self-monitoring period. Patients are expected to arrive with a mask, unless health issues prohibit mask wearing. Please let the office staff know if you need a mask


Precautionary supplies are on hand, such as tissues, alcohol-based hand rub, soap at sinks, and trash cans. Lobby chairs are placed 6 feet apart. Toys and reading materials have been removed and all patient areas are cleaned regularly.


Telemedicine visits are available to address some medical issues. Please understand that there may be instances in which it may be necessary to come into the office for a face-to-face visit, or be referred to an urgent care or the emergency room.

Please call us at (907) 262-4278 if you have any questions or require further assistance. Thank you for doing your part to keep Alaskans healthy!